Modded Ford GT hits 223 MPH

A heavily-modded street-legal Ford GT recently became the first car recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records to hit a blazingly fast standing-mile speed of 223 MPH. 


And if you think that’s cool, you might be more impressed by the fact that a space shuttle typically touches down at around 220 MPH.

The vehicle itself is quite a beast, boasting a twin-turbo motor running over 25 pounds of boost and generating 1,400 horsepower. 

Meanwhile, the GT’s  body is coated with a slippery aerodynamic sealant known as “PerformaBond,” while a custom suspension setup squeezes every last ounce of speed out of the car.

Although 223 MPH is pretty sweet, the GT test driver says he’s going to be hitting the afterburners – hard – this coming year.

“The day before the race I did some passes in the 260 MPH range… We’re [definitely] going to break 300 this year in the car.”


The above-mentioned record was established on NASA’s three-mile long concrete runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida – which is quite a fitting location indeed.

[Via Jalopnik]