DIY designer to electrify reverse trike

Electric vehicle conversions are all the rage these days, as are electric motorcycles.

Now the two are coming together in a new electric trike conversion by designer Jonathan Niemuth of San Francisco.

Niemuth started off with a factory-issued model, minus the engine and a few other parts. 

He faced some difficulties with this early on, as the bike he wanted was apparently not legal in the state of California, due to its tailpipe emissions. 

He explained to the distributor that he would not be using the gas engine of the bike, to no avail. 

Finally, he was able to get the trike shipped to him directly from the manufacturer in parts.

As of now, Niemuth is collaborating with his friends at Electric Motosports, who are letting him use their equipment for the conversion.

His goal is to create an electric bike with a top speed of 80mph and a range of 100+ miles. 

You can follow the reverse trike conversion as it unfolds at the EV Trike blog. 

A complete slideshow is also available online.

* Susan DeFreitas, EarthTechling