Taliban hunts for priceless Bactrian Treasure

The Bactrian Treasure is an important asset of Afghanistan that was brought to the presidential palace by the former government in February 2021.

Concerns have been raised over its safety after the collapse of former government.

The Taliban government in Afghanistan has assigned the relevant departments to find and check on the treasure.

The collection consists of 21,145 pieces of gold, which dates to the Kushan empire, says experts.

It comprises jewels and gold which were discovered at an ancient royal cemetery site. The remains of seven people were decorated with thousands of pieces of treasure, the report said.

The government of Afghanistan will take serious actions if this and other ancient items are moved out of the country, says the report added. 

Mail Online

Taliban thugs launch hunt for priceless Bactrian Treasure hoard

The treasure known as the Bactrian Treasure is one of the largest collections of gold in the world and represents the history and culture of the Ancient Silk Road.

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Republic World

Afghanistan: Taliban on lookout for Bactrian gold treasure; read how it is linked to�India

Taliban have stated that they have begun searching for the Bactrian treasure, also known as Bactrian Gold, which dates back 2000 years and is linked to India.

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The Bactrian treasure holds 20,000 golden artifacts.

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