Study: Risk of Mental Health Disorder Increases After Covid

COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating mental health consequences for millions of people around the world. People infected with the coronavirus are more likely to be battling serious mental health issues in the year after recovery.

The link appears to be bidirectional, meaning that people with certain mood disorders are at greater risk of developing severe COVID, which is why they were cleared for booster shots before the general public.

Experts believe the psychological stress of the pandemic may play a significant role, as can the emotional turmoil of coping with an infection and subsequent symptoms that can arise and last for months on end.

But experts also increasingly believe that COVID itself may have a direct impact on the brain. One of the leading hypotheses is that the virus can enter the brain and disturb cellular and neuron pathways, leading to mental health disorders, which may also affect the central nervous system and affect the brain, such as confusion and forgetfulness and confusion. 

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