Starving North Koreans ordered to eat less until 2025

North Korea is already starving to death because of skyrocketing food prices.

The country has closed its Sino-Korea border early last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is only a slim chance of it reopening before 2025. 

It has has blamed the pandemic, natural disasters, and U.N. sanctions for its inability to provide for its people.

Trade between China and North Korea has begun to pick back up in recent months but only at a fraction of pre-COVID-19 levels. It is not clear whether the country will be able to produce enough food for its own people. 

The country of 25 million is led by Kim Jong Un, who has been looking slimmer in recent weeks.

North Korea tells citizens food shortage will last through 2025: Report

North Korea’s totalitarian government has told its people to tighten their belts literally for at least another three-plus years before Pyongyang plans on reopening the country.

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Kim Jong Un’s North Korea may soon face ‘starvation risk’: UN

Due to the on going Covid restrictions and several sanctions on the country, the ordinary people of North Korea may soon face an acute food crisis, a UN expert has warned

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Report: Starving North Korean Workers Killing People for Food

North Korean construction workers have resorted to robbery to secure enough money to buy food, Radio Free Asia reported Wednesday.

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