SpaceX launches advanced GPS satellite for US Space Force

SpaceX successfully launched an advanced GPS satellite for the U.S. Space Force on Thursday (June 17). This marks the 19th launch of the year here on the Space Coast. The GPS III SV05 satellite mission is the second to launch so far this month for SpaceX, following the launch of a broadband satellite for Sirius XM on June 6.

Three previous advanced GPS III missions also launched on Falcon 9 rockets, including two missions last year. Another of the satellites will be launched in August 2019 on the United Launch Alliance’s final flight of the Delta IV Medium rocket, which will launch on the Delta III Medium rocket in August.

The mission is SpaceX’s fourth GPS satellite delivery by SpaceX for the military. The launch is scheduled to take place at 12:09 p.m. EST (1409 GMT) on June 17 ET (1449 GMT).

SpaceX launches advanced GPS satellite for US Space Force, sticks rocket landing at sea

It’s SpaceX’s 19th rocket launch (and landing) of the year.

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SpaceX launches GPS satellite with previously flown booster

Space Force officials say using previously flown boosters will save $64.5 million over three missions.

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