IDF hits targets on Hamas sites after 3rd day of fires sparked by incendiary balloons

Israel launches airstrikes on Hamas in response to arson attacks from the Gaza Strip. At least eight fires were sparked in southern Israel on Thursday, four on Wednesday, and more than two dozen on Tuesday.

The IDF said the targets included a launchpad near Khan Younis, which could be seen in video footage shared on social media.

There were no immediate reports of Palestinian casualties from the Israeli raids, the military said.

The attacks were far greater and more forceful than those launched earlier this week in retaliation to similar airborne arson attacks, the IDF said. The attacks appeared to be the most significant retaliation by Israel to incendiary balloons in the three years since Palestinians began using the tactic in the Gaza region, the Israeli Fire and Rescue Services said. Inflatable balloons have been launched from the Strip.

The Israeli military also released its own video footage of the strikes.


IDF strikes Gaza for second time this week, after incendiary balloons spark eight fires in southern Israel

The Israeli military struck targets in Gaza for the second time this week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement, after a continued barrage of incendiary balloons sparked eight fires in southern Israel.

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