Son mummifies his dead mother to keep on receiving her pension

Austrian police discovered a body of 89-year-old woman who died of dementia over a year ago. 

Her son, 66, kept her body in the cellar to guard against the smell.

The man pocketed $59,000 since June 2020 from the payments, police say. The suspect would get his mum’s benefits by post every month, but a new postman recently asked to see the beneficiary, and when the son refused, he reported it to the authorities.

He is accused of benefit fraud and hiding a corpse.

An autopsy ruled out that he had killed his mother, who is believed to have suffered from dementia, in June last year. 

The Irish Sun

Twisted son mummified dead mother in cat litter so he could keep her benefits

A TWISTED man mummified the body of his dead 89-year-old mother in cat litter so he could continue claiming her benefits. Austrian cops were horrified to discover the depraved son had kept his mum&?

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BBC News

Austria man kept dead mother in cellar for pension, police say

The suspect is said to have “mummified” the corpse in order to continue receiving her pension.

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