Portugal: Employers Banned From Calling Employees After Office Hours

Portugal has introduced a new law banning bosses from contacting employees after work hours.

The new laws have been introduced to improve work-life balance as most of the country’s population works from home.

Portugal is not the first country to introduce such a scheme, with France enacting a similar law in 2016, wherein companies with more than 50 workers were required to establish the hours when staff were not supposed to send or answer emails. The law came into force in 2017 and is limited to companies with 10 employees or more, but could face fines if they violate the law.  

In Portugal, it’s now illegal for your boss to call outside work hours

Ever had a persistent boss who won’t stop messaging you once you’ve left work or logged off? In Portugal, that behavior is now illegal.

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After Portugal, which countries are improving remote working laws?

Following Portugal’s decision, we look at which countries in Europe are planning to rework their labour laws to support hybrid working.

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France gives workers ‘right to disconnect’ from office email

France introduced a new law on January 1 that encourages workers to ignore after-hours emails.

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