Online Platform GitHub Shuts Down Fake Auction App Targeting Muslim Women in India

More than 100 Muslim women were put up for fake auctions as “Bulli Bai” of the day on an open source app hosted on web platform GitHub.

The app, which has since been taken down, was the second attempt in less than a year to harass Muslim women in this manner.

Several victims have filed complaints with the police, though some noted that no arrests have been made after the “Sulli Deals” case last July, which saw nearly 80 Muslim women displayed for auction.

Many of India’s 170 million Muslims have said they feel like second-class citizens since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014. Since his rise, the minority Muslim community has suffered numerous high-profile targeted hate crimes against Muslim women. 


Suspects held after fake online sale of Indian Muslim women | AP News

NEW DELHI (AP) Police in India have detained a man and a woman alleged to be involved in the offering for sale of prominent Muslim women on a fake online auction website, according to government officials, in a case that has sparked outrage across the country.

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Sulli Deals: The Indian Muslim women ‘up for sale’ on an app

Dozens of Muslim women in India found their identities being used in a degrading app.

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What Is GitHub, The Website Used To Create Sulli Deals And Bulli Bai? | BOOM

After the Sulli Deals app went live in July 2020, GitHub took down the app as was the case with Bulli Bai

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