North Korea Ramps Up Covid Response as Reports of Fever Surge

North Korea has reported another large jump in illnesses believed to be COVID-19.

The government mobilized a “powerful force’ of soldiers to distribute drugs and deployed thousands of health workers to help trace new infections.

The North’s anti-virus headquarters said on Tuesday that another 269,510 people were found with fevers and six people died. The total tally of people who became ill with fever since late April to 1,483,060 and its deaths to 56. North Korea’s virus response is mostly isolating people with symptoms at shelters, and as of Tuesday, at least 663,910 people were in quarantine.

The outbreak is almost certainly greater than the fever tally, considering the lack of tests and resources to monitor and treat the people who are sick. In addition to lacking vaccines for its 26 million people, North Korea also grapples with malnourishment and other conditions of poverty and lacks public health tools, including antiviral drugs or intensive care units, which suppressed hospitalizations in other countries.


North Korea reports another fever surge amid COVID-19 crisis

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) North Korea on Tuesday reported another large jump in illnesses believed to be COVID-19 and encouraged good health habits as a mass outbreak spreads through its unvaccinated population and military officers were deployed to distribute medicine.

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North Korea reports first COVID-19 outbreak, imposes nationwide lockdown

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has imposed a nationwide lockdown to control his country’s first acknowledged COVID-19 outbreak of the pandemic.

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There?s One Reason Kim Jong Un Is Loving North Korea?s COVID Outbreak

The spread of COVID-19 in North Korea is not all bad news for leader Kim Jong Un. By locking down the entire country, he can assert the power of his regime as never before. He has the authority to arrest anyone perceived to have broken the rules for any reason, whether in quest of food or the need to see a friend or to look for medicine. He can also blame the scourge on a network of health officials. Their survival is now in jeopardy

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