New Covid-19 Strain Discovered in South Africa

The new Covid variant B.11.5.529 has more than 30 mutations in the spike protein alone, which raises fears of increased transmissibility.

The World Health Organization has called a special meeting for Friday to discuss the new variant and what it might mean for Covid treatment and vaccines.

Some 59 cases have been detected worldwide. The single case in Hong Kong was carried there by a traveler from South Africa. 

New Covid variant: How worried should we be?

Scientists are closely watching a new variant circulating in South Africa – but there are few clear answers.

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‘It Was Entirely Avoidable’: Rich Countries Blamed as New Covid Variant Sparks Global Alarm

“Allowing new variants to emerge and spread, 13 months into the vaccine era, is a policy choice by the rich world.”

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A new Covid-19 variant could show immune evasion and enhanced transmissibility, South African scientists warn

South Africa’s health minister announced Thursday the discovery of a new coronavirus variant that appears to be spreading rapidly in parts of the country.

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