Nest Hub: Google’s Solution To Hands-free Hotel Technology

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Google is taking steps to guarantee a secure and safe hotel visit once travel resumes after the pandemic. It has already partnered with various hotels in the US and UK by placing Nest Hub as the guests’ “contactless personal concierge”. Nest Hub allows common requests like scheduling a wake up call, asking for extra towels, restaurant recommendations among others, through a simple voice command. Guests do not have to worry about their privacy since all activities on the device will immediately be deleted when it resets for the next guest. Common hotel guest requests and hassle free check-out made available through Google’s Nest Hub

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Google is making strides to ensure more sanitary hotel visits by placing Nest Hub smart displays in hotels across the country, according to reporter Patrick Hearn.

Google is leaving it up to hotels to tailor their guests’ experience by allowing common requests to be met with a simple voice command. Guests can say things like, “Hey, Google, schedule a wake-up call,” or “Hey, Google, ask for more towels.” The requests can be specifically tailored to each hotel.

Aside from these features, some hotels also offers fast and hassle-free checkout through Google Assistant. Guest can also use Nest Hub to watch the news on YouTube, listen to music through compatible streaming apps, and get answers about local information like the weather forecast.

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