Most Catholic bishops are in favor of denying Biden communion

More than 85% of bishops voted in favor of an in-depth conversation about how to preach the Catholic Church’s teaching on Communion.

The council, which includes more than 300 bishops, will consider issuing a statement on “the meaning of the Eucharist in the life of the Church.”

The document could bar President Joe Biden from receiving Holy Communion if promulgated by the bishops. The bishops’ council will consider writing a statement about the meaning of Communion in the church’s life.

It will also consider a statement that could bar Vice President Biden from getting Communion from receiving the sacrament of the day. The majority of bishops are open to discussing writing a document that could have a negative effect on President Biden’s access to Communion.

The Catholic Church teaches that Communion is the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Receiving Communion while stained with serious sin, among which the church counts support for abortion, is considered one of the worst offenses against God. 

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Majority of Catholic bishops support considering denying Biden Communion

An overwhelming majority of American Catholic bishops are open to discussing writing a document whose promulgation could bar President Joe Biden from receiving Holy Communion.

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