Meta’s AI Chatbot Claims It’s “Not a Fan of Zuckerberg or Facebook”

It’s easy to make BlenderBot turn against its creator, calling him “creepy” or “untrustworthy” or even saying he “exploits people for money.” But that’s not precisely an indictment of BlenderBot or Zuckerberg.

BlenderBot is a Meta AI experiment that’s currently used for research purposes. A user spent some time chatting with BlenderBot, and he’s gotten a variety of responses by asking for its opinions on Zuckerberg. One instance of the bot declared it was “Not a fan of him or facebook. I find them unethical due to all the privacy issues they have had.”

A separate instance had a different and much more positive opinion, calling Zuckerberg a “very wealthy and successful guy. “

“No way!” it told a user when asked if Zuckerberg should be president.

One of BlenderBot’s unique properties is the “Why this message” function, which offers context to help answer that question. If you click on a given message, you can see any terms that BlenderBot searched to gather information about your query.

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