Instagram Influencer Who Believed Covid-19 “Does Not Exist” Dies Due to the Virus

Ukrainian fitness influencer, Dmitriy Stuzhuk, who did not believe Covid-19 existed, passes away after contracting the virus. The 33 year old health and sport enthusiast caught the infection during his trip to Turkey, where he woke up with a swollen neck and was experiencing breathing difficulties. Dmitriy was brought to a hospital in Ukraine where he tested positive of the disease and was discharged after eight days of being confined. After a few hours, he was rushed back again to the hospital because his health was rapidly deteriorating. He eventually passed away allegedly due to problems with his cardiovascular system.

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News.Com.AU: A fitness influencer told his millions of followers that coronavirus didn’t exist. But then he started experiencing breathing difficulty

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As originally reported by the Sun, announced that fitness influencer, Dmitriy Stuzhuk, passed away due to complications from Covid-19. The 33 year old Ukrainian Instagram influencer has been posting on his account saying that Coronavirus does not exist, until he got infected.

After contracting the disease, he began posting and sharing to his millions of subscribers about how sick he was and to strongly warn them.

According to News.Com.AU, after eight days of being admitted to the hospital, he was permitted to leave his ward rather than remain in the overcrowded Kyiv hospital. But after a few hours he was rushed back to hospital where Sofia, his ex-wife, said he was soon in a “grave condition” and “unconscious”.