Crypto Company Mistakenly Transfers 7.2 Million To A Woman’s Account

Australian woman Thevamanogari Manivel put in a refund of $100 AUD to last year.

Seemingly due to an employee entering her account number into a payment section of a refund form by mistake, the company dropped $10.5 million AUD into her account instead. Manivel kept the money and reportedly transferred it to a bank account.

That same month, Manivel is said to have spent $1.35 million AUD on a five-bedroom home and transferred ownership of it to her sister.

A court has ordered the sale of the property as soon as possible and for the funds to be returned to mistakenly sent a customer $7.2 million instead of a $68 refund

No one noticed the typo and missing millions for months.

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‘Significant error’: Melbourne woman given $11.7m instead of $112 refund loses $34 million in hack that affected 483 accounts | Engadget has published a report on its investigation of the security breach.

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