China’s Rocket Debris Plunges Uncontrollably Back to Earth

“Once again, the People’s Republic of China is taking unnecessary risks with the uncontrolled rocket stage reentry of their Long March 5B rocket stage,” NASA administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement.

It was the fourth time a Chinese Long March 5B rocket has spiraled aimlessly down to Earth in the last two years, sparking concerns each time the debris hits Earth.


China’s rocket booster falls from space, crash lands in the Pacific Ocean | CNN

Debris from a rocket booster plunged uncontrolled back to Earth Friday morning, marking the fourth time the China National Space Administration has received criticism for its new Long March 5B rocket and its space safety practices.

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Rocket debris from Mengtian launch falling on Earth an intl norm, chance of causing harm extremely low: Chinese FM – Global Times

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Mail Online

Has China’s out-of-control rocket landed in MEXICO?

Experts now believe the Chinese rocket rocket may have broken in two while crashing to Earth, with parts potentially hitting Mexico.

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