Bodies with gunshot wounds and bound hands were found floating in the river between Ethiopia’s Tigray and Sudan

Sudanese officials and residents found dozens of bodies with gunshot wounds or their hands bound floating in the river between Tigray and Sudan. 

These bodies are believed to be the remains of people fleeing the war in Ethiopia.

Conflict in Tigray region has killed thousands and sent tens of thousands fleeing into neighboring Sudan.

Ethiopian government condemned the reports on Monday, describing them as “fake” and claiming “propagandists” were “using false images” to spread disinformation.

Fighting in the region broke out in November between Ethiopia’s federal forces and the region’s ruling party, the Tigray People‘s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The conflict has been raging since then, killing thousands of ethnic Tigrayans and killing tens-of-tens of thousands of people.

The TPLF has accused the Ethiopian government and allied Eritrean forces of atrocities while battling Tigray forces of attacking the region’s ruling party.

The conflict is said to have lasted nine months and is currently in its most troubled areas of Tigray territory in southern Ethiopia and Eritreans.


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