Why You Should Say No to Smoking

Cigarettes are addictive, often because of the alleged sensational experience that they can give when smoking. Once addicted it is difficult to wean away from the problem as it induces you into enjoying more of it. However, as much as cigarettes are alluring, they have a whole bunch of toxic chemicals which are extremely harmful to health, both for you as well as those around you. Smoking has not just caused health problems for those who indulge in the habit but also for those who are around the smoker. Passive smoking is as much as cause for health problems as smoking itself.

Stop Smoking to Avoid the Deadly Cancer Problem

Out of the many reasons as to why you should quit smoking, the most important is that it makes you susceptible to getting cancer. It is the cause for eighty five percent of lung cancer problems. It also causes the risk of getting other types of cancers such as stomach, bladder, colon, cervix etc. Cancer of any type is life threatening and debilitating. Taking treatment for it can be very difficult to deal with, causing heavy trauma physically as well as emotionally. Spare your family and yourself such difficulty by initialing steps to quit smoking.

Smoking Puts You at Higher Risk of Getting Heart Disease

Another key reason to quit smoking is that it leads to heart disease. This type of health problem is very painful to deal with. Imagine the amount of medication that is needed to treat it as well as the type of surgeries that you have to undergo due to it. Isn’t it really heavy on your family and your personality? By smoking you are increasing the likelihood of suffering from heart disease than those who do not smoke.

Smoking Begets Bad Breath and Dental Problems

One of the most obvious reasons to quit smoking is bad breath. Smoking can create a stink around your mouth through bad breath like nothing else, preventing people who are close to you from interacting and also stopping you from enjoying a family life like you really should. It can also cause cavities, discoloration of teeth, build up plaque in the teeth, exposing teeth roots to health problems that simply cannot be reversed and much more. It can also lead to mouth and pharynx cancer.

Digestion Problems Arise with Smoking

Out of the many types of health problems that you can encounter with smoking, a key one is problems in digestion. Imagine not being able to enjoy food like you always have because of poor digestion. This will cause a whole lot of other complications for which you will need extensive medical treatment, and which will put you through a lot of physical trauma.

Stress and Insomnia Are Also Problems Caused by Smoking

Though smoking makes you feel relaxed still it is not a solution to stress. Furthermore, it can cause insomnia. Those who smoke incessantly will find their sleep time reducing which causes body fatigue and whole lot of other related health complications lack of sleep leads to poor concentration and prevents you from showing your optimal productivity at home and in the workplace. Smoking also puts you into risk of getting osteoporosis, which is a bone deformity. At first, this problem can start out with fractures happening after it can become quite debilitating.

Speeds Up the Aging Process

Smoking also results in a sign of aging coming on faster than they really should. You can see wrinkles coming on and the skin become a leathery sort of texture. The reason for is that smoking causes certain biochemical changes to happen inside the body which speeds up aging.

Body Cannot Fight Off Diseases

Those who smoke will find their body succumbing to various diseases quickly. Colds, fever, coughs can be easily caught as well as bacteria and other infections. The primary reason for this is that smoking spoils the immune system. Hence the body is unable to protect itself from getting diseases.

Smoking can take over your life completely and all your activities will resolve around it. Avoid the habit by taking steps to curb it right away so that you can get back to living a healthy and normal life.