Why Quitting Smoking Will Change Your Life

If you’re the type of person who gets an intense adrenaline rush from jumping out of an airplane, you’ll understand the effectiveness of fear as a motivating factor. This doesn’t prevent you from taking a huge leap of faith, but it is enough to drive you towards your ultimate goal.

If you’re a smoker, why not make quitting your ultimate goal? Though the fear of the unknown is similar to jumping out of a plane, the positive implications far outweigh negative preconceptions and doubts. Strength derives from overcoming things you didn’t think possible, and most people will tell you quitting smoking seems impossible initially.

Like with anything in life, perseverance and patience pays off, and though a life without smoking seems unrealistic now, the journey of transitioning into life as a non-smoker will be essential for leading a fulfilling, healthy life. Since we live in an age where there are various aids to help us stop smoking, quitting might be easier than you think. Vaping has swept the nation as a culture, but let’s not forget why it was first introduced: as a transitional tool to help people quit smoking.

There are various types of Eliquid available to help with the process, with multiple flavors that make quitting seem easy. The juice is an encouraging aspect because it’s heated, not dangerously combusted, and it also generates impressive vape clouds. By conducting appropriate research you’ll discover Eliquid that works for you, where it’s simply a case of trial and error. You might not find the right liquid straight away, but with persistence you’ll discover great flavors. Remember variety is the spice of life, and you can experiment with flavors like lemon, mint, mango, and even chocolate!

Though change is not easy, it’s definitely worth it if you consider the long term. To provide motivation you should set realistic goals and feel a sense of accomplishment at each stage. Some fantastic things can happen in life once you quit smoking, and for encouragement here are just a few of them:

Feel More.

Though cigarettes don’t necessarily alter your mind state, they can inhibit you from feeling certain things. It’s common to resort to smoking as a way to deal with everyday stressors and block out feelings, but there’s nothing more empowering than confronting your emotions head on. If you’re smoking to block feelings, remember not to judge yourself too much for feeling different emotions throughout the day. Observe and honor your feelings, knowing they will pass.

More Present.

It’s common to view smoking as a way to alleviate anxiety, but often the opposite is true. Since you’re liberated from not constantly thinking about the next cigarette break, you remain firmly in the here and now. This prevents the recycling of anxious thoughts, and you’ll gain a new appreciation for your emotional reasoning. You can replace smoking with other positive coping methods like meditation or deep breathing, which will reap additional benefits and most importantly reduce anxiety. Negative emotions can be dealt with by looking more deeply into their origins and tackling the root cause of your problems. Though it’s tough to address things you used to run from with smoking, the positive feedback loop created when you quit smoking is enough to motivate you going forward.

Clarity, Direction, & Manifestation.

Smoking can have a calming effect, so when you quit smoking, you might find that you’re no longer be able to avoid emotions or hide anxieties, providing clarity and direction for everyday life. But think of it like this: You no longer live in denial and can follow your true intuition, rather than being dictated by addiction. As you follow your intuition your life will unfold in a positive direction, and you won’t believe how quickly things manifest for the better. Time will go slowly, but things will approach faster than ever, creating a natural sense of euphoria and contentedness with everyday life.