Wellness and Obesity Programs That Will Work for You

Most people overlook the fact that a wellness plan can prevent a lot of health complications. This is in terms of dieting, weight management, exercise, and our overall lifestyle. To achieve holistic results, you need an experienced and informed healthcare expert. The team of specialists at Nova Physician Wellness Center led by Dr. Seema Chaudhary MD, and Dr. Rohit Suri MD, have specifically made it their goal to help you in this. Their services include offering exercise plans, nutrition counseling, weight loss management, and obesity treatment. Below is a broader view of these services.

1. Exercise Plans

Physical exercise is a necessity for your overall wellness. It helps in reducing weight loss and keeps your body active and fit. In addition, exercise gives you:

  •  Better sleep quality.
  •  Improves your heart rate.
  •  Enhances your cognitive functioning.
  •  Burns body fat.
  •  Strengthens the muscles.
  •  Enhances your endurance.
  •  And improves your overall mental health. 

The Nova Physician Wellness Center team understands that every individual is unique, and what works for someone might not work for another. Therefore, they offer individualized exercise plans depending on their medical assessment of your body to ensure they give you the best remedy that will suit you and provide you with quality results. These exercise programs include weight training and aerobics.

2. Nutrition Counseling

A good nutrition plan can make a lifetime difference in your overall well-being. In the current society, there is a tremendous variety of diet and nutrition plans, unlike in the past. The downside to this is that many people do not realize that diet is highly individualized. You might think that you are following the best nutrition plan but are getting no valuable results or even gaining more weight instead of losing. The Nova Physician Wellness Center team has years of training and experience in this field and guarantees you quality plans that are effective for your body. They initially do metabolic and health testing and give you a detailed explanation of how your body is utilizing nutrients. Then they proceed to provide you with meal plans involving what you eat and how much you eat it. Another program involved in nutrition counseling is behavioral counseling around food so that you can support your own health, have more joy and satisfaction, and have a better sense of self-control.

3. Weight Loss Management and Obesity Treatment

A lot of people have significant challenges with weight management. Weight loss can be an uphill climb when you follow an unguided plan, and it sometimes becomes depressing. This is why the team of experts at Nova Physician Wellness Center has specialized in giving you informed guidance to weight management. They ensure that the plans they offer you are in line with your body for effective and quick results. They also assure those struggling with obesity that there is hope. To counter this, they offer dietary, lifestyle, and medical programs to help improve your quality of life and remove risks associated with obesity.

Nova Physician Wellness Center is located in Fairfax, VA, Vienna, VA, and Ashburn, VA. You no longer have to follow ineffective and uninformed weight loss or wellness programs. Let an expert give you the results you desire. Take an informed approach by making an appointment with the experts at Nova Physician Wellness Center.