Relieving Chronic Pain through Spinal Cord Stimulation

For years, many Americans have suffered chronic pain in the back and neck, making it difficult to enjoy their quality of life unless they turn to surgery or other non-invasive treatments for relief. While the two treatment options might work on some people, it is still unclear whether they will get permanent relief. Some might even get worse symptoms. Fortunately, Yancey Pain & Spine is ready to offer an alternative and effective solution for people with chronic pain. Here are some benefits one can get from spinal cord stimulation in The Woodlands.

The benefits of spinal cord stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation works by releasing electrical impulses that block pain, preventing the brain from recognizing it. The treatment’s primary goal is to lower a patient’s pain, improving their quality of life. Instead of feeling pain, the patient gets a pleasant sensation. The benefits of this procedure include:

1.      Lessened the need for pain relievers

Most people with chronic pain turn to medications for relief. However, too many meds can affect vital organ functions, leading to more complications. Spinal cord stimulation helps chronic pain sufferers to reduce their need for drugs, preventing addiction problems.

2.      It can be adjusted to suit a patient’s needs

Chronic pain affects people differently. Some people might experience it when waking up, while others might feel it throughout the day. It is easy for patients to control the device to address their pain with spinal cord stimulation therapy. Soon, inventors might come up with controllers that adjust pain automatically, depending on the user’s movements.

3.      The patient can decide when to stop

Chronic pain treatment options like surgery are irreversible. But with spinal cord stimulation, all a patient needs to do is tell their doctor if they want to continue or end the therapy. The therapy consists of wires, electrical contacts, and a safe generator that cannot cause any permanent impact to a patient’s spine.

4.      It is minimally invasive

If needles and scalpels are two things that scare you the most, spinal cord stimulation might be the perfect therapy for you. It only involves one incision to implant the generator. Your doctor administers electrodes using a hollow needle instead of an incision. So that means you do not have to worry about getting multiple cuts to install the generator.

5.      Provides pain relief on target areas

Whether you have chronic neck or back pain, it would be best to invest in a treatment therapy that addresses the target pain area instead of affecting the whole body. This therapy only offers pain relief where it is most needed.

Schedule a consultation with a spine specialist today

If chronic pain is causing your sleepless nights or affecting your life in any way, spinal cord stimulation could be the only thing to normalize your daily life. The therapy is safe, cost-friendly, reversible, and reduces overdependence on pain relief medications. When you combine all these benefits, you can rest assured that your pain will be a thing of the past. To find out if you qualify for the therapy, schedule a consultation with a spine specialist today.