Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Get Fitbit Fitness Gadgets

Fitbits are gaining popularity as wearable gadgets that help people keep track of their fitness. They make it easy for you to track your health as you engage on your day to day activities. It syncs with your computer using a USB dongle or your smart phone using Bluetooth. You wear it throughout other than when you are in the shower. They come in different formats. Fitbit Flex, Charge 2, Surge and Charge go to the wrist while Fitbit One can either go to your pocket or clip on the bra. You can compare the performance of different fitbit models on Mobile Mob. If you are considering monitoring your fitness, here are five reasons you should opt for Fitbit:

1. Fitbit helps you become accountable

Fitbit enables you to set your fitness and health goals and you can adjust them anytime. It also cheers you up and lets you when you are getting close to achieving the goal you have for the day. The reason why this is effective is because the technology is embedded on psychology where people do not like it when they leave things incomplete. They prefer to have progress bars and checking things off on to do lists. Fitbit comes with colored progress and graph bars and as you draw closer to reaching your goal, the colors change until you eventually have a bright green that means you have achieved your goal. This motivates you to complete your goal and you feel good about it at the end of the day.

2. Fitbit has a support system

There is a friends’ function that comes with Fitbit that initially doesn’t seem like an important piece of the app. However, it can help you get the support you need from friends and family even as you do the same to them. Using the mobile application, you may taunt or cheer your friends. This can help keep you motivated as you pursue your fitness goals.

3. Fitbit makes you active

Since Fitbit allows you to track your exercises every day, it keeps you moving so you can achieve your goals. You can track your hiking, running or walking and you can also set it up to track other forms of exercise like yoga and log them so you know how much calories you have burned. It has a calendar on the exercise view that checks blue on each day you exercise.

4. Fitbit helps you improve on food choices

Counting calories each time you’re thinking of eating can be tedious particularly when you are used to preparing food without measuring ingredients. With Fitbit, you can log in and pick what you plan to eat from a long list of food items and when you plan to eat it. The app then gives you the calorie count of the items you have picked. This enables you to make healthier food choices by reducing your intake of junk foods. It also helps keep your body well hydrated by monitoring your water intake using the water log.