Top 3 Resources You Need for Hernia Support

Hernias are painful conditions that involve the protrusion of an organ through other tissue like the abdominal wall. While surgery is usually the best way to remedy the situation, there is the matter of getting from today to the date of the procedure. In the meantime, the need for resources that help reduce discomfort and prevent injury to the organ is essential. Here are three resources that you need to purchase and put to good use before and possibly for a time after the surgery.

Hernia Briefs

There is no doubt that hernia support briefs are the right solution for many people. Depending on the exact location of the hernia, the briefs make it easy to contain the protrusion and prevent the organ from continually shifting. The right type of brief will also minimize the potential for the opening to expand. Limiting the expansion is key to preventing the occurrence of more severe pain.

Even after the surgery, you may want to continue wearing the briefs until your medical team says otherwise. That’s because the briefs will provide more stability to the area while the incision heals and the area begins to gain strength.

Hernia Belts

While the support briefs work fine in many cases, some patients do well with hernia belts. These are effective when the protrusion is higher along the abdomen or stomach area. Like the briefs, the belts are made of materials that will conform to the contours of the body while providing the type of support needed to protect the organ and keep the opening from getting any larger. By alleviating the pressure on that part of the body, it’s possible to continue with most everyday activities and control the pain until surgery is possible.

Keep in mind that the belts can also be laundered with relative ease. There is no loss of support after repeated washings. This is important since you do want to have adequate support until it’s possible to have the hernia repaired.

Hernia Binders

A third option that you should consider is the hernia support binder. Sometimes called a hernia truss, this solution works well for patients who are living with inguinal hernias or who have recently had surgery for this type of hernia. Like belts and briefs, the material is soft to the touch but provides the support to take pressure off the abdominal wall tissue and prevent further damage. When used for post-operative wear, the binder eases stress on the incision and allows the body to heal with less risk of infection or tearing.

Depending on the severity of your condition, there are other products your medical team may recommend. Take their suggestions seriously and make sure you only invest in resources that provide relief, support, and make it easier to go about your daily tasks while awaiting surgery. With the right types of support on hand, getting through this particular medical situation will be a lot easier.