Stop Smoking with Vaping

When you’ve decided that you want to quit smoking, the obvious step to take is to try switching to e-liquids. For many, patches, gum and inhalers simply don’t work and most importantly they don’t give you the hit that you need. Smoking is a habit deeper than a need for nicotine and the act of using these devices simply doesn’t live up to the needs of a smoker. Instead, you can now get your hands on the best solution to smoking with e-cigarettes. Here we explore how you can stop smoking with vaping.

Does it work?

Quitting smoking with e-cigs can be really easy. E-cigs can be used to wean yourself off nicotine by combating the physical addiction and the habit of smoking at the same time. Nicotine patches and gums provide only a tiny amount of nicotine, leaving your body craving, but with e-cigs you can select e-liquids that are right for your smoking needs. By selecting e-liquids with the right level of nicotine content you can effectively replace your need for a cigarette with vaping.

Once you’re comfortable

Switching to cigarettes to e-cigs can be seen as a healthier step in the right direction towards quitting altogether. When you have replaced cigarettes with vaping, you can begin to start dropping the nicotine content in your e-cig, so that your body is gradually weaned off it.

Your body will learn to adapt to a lower level of nicotine, and you can comfortably lower the amount you vape month by month. You might even want to start slowly reducing the frequency at which you use your e-cig. The benefits of this is that you’re not going cold turkey by removing cigarettes and smoking completely; this is often a less effective way of quitting. Vaping stops your intake of tar and other chemicals from cigarettes.

Switch to low e-liquids

You will eventually reach a point when it may be time to switch to low strength e-liquids. After several months of cutting down, you will find yourself less dependant on vaping and may even start forgetting it or leaving it at home. At this point you can rejoice that your brain is no longer constantly craving for the nicotine it once relied on and you can switch to a low dose. That way, when you do crave it, your body will only get a small dose and you will not continue to create dependency. You should then try to get into the habit of being a non-smoker. Stay inside when your mates go to the smoking area at the pub and stop tucking the e-cig into your pocket every time you leave the house. You are now just one step from being a non-smoker, something you might have been trying to achieve for a while!

From the moment you decide to stop smoking cigarettes your health will start to improve and you will notice big differences in how you feel. Vaping can ensure you don’t make any dramatic changes all at once, instead reducing your habit slowly but surely.