Pilates vs. Yoga: Which One Would You Choose?

Maybe you have a friend who is highly active and loves yoga. In fact, your friend does yoga five times every week and is slim and in shape. Your other friend works out often and does Pilates three times a week, and this friend too is fit and in shape. Now that you want to exercise more often, which one do you choose?

When it comes to picking a workout that works for you, it may take some time to figure out exactly what you like and do not like. Sometimes it can take a week or two before you truly start seeing the results you desire. With that said, keep an open mind to both forms of exercise and make sure to give each method a try.


Pilates, which was created many decades ago by Joseph Pilates, was once used as a method of rehabilitation for those wounded in the war. Soon after World War I, this method reached the U.S. and it has become increasingly more popular and widespread ever since. Some of the benefits that Pilates offers include improved muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, as well as better posture, balance, and decreased joint pain.

Some gyms around the country have taken this form of exercise and expanded on it to help individuals meet fitness goals. Many typically use Pilates to lengthen muscle tissue, to get in a good flexibility and strength workout, and to focus on holding positions against resistance (or with body weight) for long durations. If you are looking to do Pilates, most likely you will be looking to lose weight, tone your muscles, and add muscle mass around each joint in your body.


Yoga has been around for at least many centuries, if not a millennia. There are many origins of this form of mind-body practice, but it is mostly associated with Buddhism and many other Eastern philosophies. Yoga is a growing trend that you can find at any gym and many personal trainers have developed the skills to teach and educate yoga poses.

Some health benefits of yoga include promoting mind-body relaxation, improving breathing, and helping in developing a better outlook towards life. All of these three benefits are frequently referred to by people who take up yoga – but the mind-body approach in yoga is is its biggest draw.

Yoga can help you to breathe better and more fully. Adults generally breathe throughout the day in a shallow manner. This does not allow for the proper oxygenation of the blood, and can cause you to have more carbon dioxide in the blood. The longer you shallow breathe throughout the day, the more is the mental fatigue that you are likely to experience throughout the day. So consider making use of yoga breathing techniques as often as you can.

You should seriously consider taking up yoga in your life if you value a calm lifestyle, positivity, and gentle movements. In addition, practising yoga can help you to gain better control over many things in life. For example, by practising yoga while on a diet, it is possible for you to better control your food cravings. Yoga includes poses that utilize body weight; much like Pilates..

Making a Selection

Making a choice on which form to select can be a challenge. Your choice will be guided by your lifestyle, as well as the the potential benefits of each of the two disciplines.

If your goal is an all-round improvement of your muscles, along with increased endurance, flexibility, and balance, then pilates might be the better option for you.

But if it’s relaxation of the mind and body, improved breathing, and a holistic improvement in your health that you’re aiming for, then you should take up Yoga.

Some also consider adopting a workout program wherein both fitness methods are integrated and used throughout the week – typically alternating between the two styles every other day. .

Regardless of what you pick, make sure to give each method a fair shot and be regular with your activity. Your results, once you start yoga or Pilates, will not be immediate; but when they do show, you will be happy you kept up with the routine. Usually a week or two is sufficient to allow results to show in your core, legs, and even in your upper body. Also, your stress levels may be the one aspect in your life that you’ll find changes immediately, and for the better!