How To Use Dried Ginseng Root

Before getting started with the topic of today, let’s tell you a little bit about the Ginseng plant itself, what it is and how it can benefit your body. You see, every day we hear about several different plants, roots, and herbs that can cure specific diseases. Like when it comes to lavender, it can cure insomnia and other such sleep related problems and loss of appetite etc. But when we talk about Ginseng, know that we are talking about a herb that is the cure to all the diseases. Yes, you read it right and this is the reason why Ginseng is also known as Panax which means “a cure to all”.

Long story short, if you are someone looking for a magical herb that can help you boost your immune system and treat all the other problems of your body then you need to opt for Ginseng. Just make sure to buy the Ginseng root from a legit place like Hsu Ginseng so that you know that you are using something that’s high in quality.

Back to the topic of today, we are now going to tell you about the use of dried ginseng root and how it can benefit you in the best possible way.

1- Chew the root

Dried Ginseng comes with its own benefits and if you are lucky enough to have the Ginseng root with you then you can tuck a little piece of it into your cheek or start chewing it until it loses its flavor. You can even keep the root in your mouth for a whole day and don’t worry because nothing will go wrong if you do that. Just chew the root and toss it out when you know you’ve sucked out all the flavor in it. If you do this everyday, this can help you in boosting your energy levels and it can also help you strengthen your immune system.

2- Make Ginseng tea

If you have the Ginseng roots then well, it’s great because you can make some delicious tea out of those roots that are good for your health too. All you need to do is to take the dried Ginseng and then use a coffee grinder to turn those roots into small flakes. Once done, you then have to take two to three spoons of the material you just made and put it in a tea bag. Now put that tea bag in a cup and put some hot boiling water to it. You can even add some honey if you like to make your tea taste a little sweet.

3- Use as a cooking spice

You can even use the Ginseng root as a cooking spice. All you need to do is to make a powder out of the dried Ginseng root and then put it on some ground coffee before you start brewing it. This technique can help you in increasing the effect of caffeine. Not only this, in fact, you can even use the Ginseng root to make your vodka taste a little sweeter. Yes, you read it right, all you have to do is to take a piece of the Ginseng root and then put it inside your vodka. Also, you can put the root in honey to increase its health benefits.


In a nutshell, there are several ways to use the dried Ginseng root and we assure you that once you start using the root every day, you will see some real time benefits within a short time. So, now without wasting any more time just start using the Ginseng root you have in the above-mentioned ways and thank us later when you see the results.