How to Stop Smoking Naturally Without Using Willpower?

More emphasis cannot be laid on the statement ‘smoking thrills but kills’. Cigarette addiction is one of the most alarming issues prevailing globally in this day and age. It has been here for several decades, but the number of smoking addicts is increasing every year. There were over 79,000 deaths due to smoking in England only. Smoking is the number one killer in western society and the only drug that’s so harmful but still legal.

Smoking can be deadly in most of the cases. That is the vital reason for addicts to quit smoking cigarettes. But easier said than done. Giving up on this habit is one of the most challenging things a smoker can do in his or her entire life because of the addictive nature of nicotine as well as the willpower someone needs to stop themselves from smoking. Willpower is one of the main reasons why smokers don’t want to quit. Most of them claim that they don’t have enough willpower or they are not disciplined enough or strong enough to say no to cigarettes. Many go as far as to argue that even though they want to quit and they do everything in their power to abstain from tobacco, their need to smoke is so strong that they cave in and go outside to buy cigarettes.

Willpower is also the cause of suffering for many smokers as resisting cigarettes can feel like battling a powerful enemy. Although every smoker has enough willpower to quit, the addiction itself is making smokers feel powerless, but one should always keep in mind that the sense of being weaker than your addiction is a fallacy.

The definition of willpower is to “control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.” Therefore, to quit using willpower means having to use your control power in various moments to abstain from smoking. Although that method can seem harsh, it is achievable. However, there is another way. The easiest way to quit smoking without having to use willpower is by planning for your quit attempt so that you can minimize the times you will have to exert control and avoid tobacco.One can get details on Smoking Cessation Formula about leaving this habit nevertheless, here are some tips on stop smoking naturally without using willpower:

1. Set a quit smoking date

That is the first and foremost step a smoker needs to undertake to quit naturally. There is no need to undergo artificial therapies that can have adverse side-effects. Therefore, it is crucial for an addict to set a quit date to prepare psychologically.

The human mind is prone to worries and concerns which might act as a hindrance to many smokers. They might keep on delaying their date to quit smoking. Nevertheless, it is essential to commit to a specific time in your mind because it will make the process of stopping more realistic. Remain dedicated to the decision and the rest will automatically take its place. As a result, you will not have to continually use your willpower to choose the right time to quit. Instead, you will select your quit day once.

2. Follow a method

This is the most important step which will help an addict to stop naturally. A systematic approach allows quitting to be more comfortable and breaks down the process into manageable levels. You will know how every step will work. Following a quit smoking method will remove willpower from the equation because you will have to make fewer decisions along the way. Also, a method will equip you with tools and skills you can use to fight your cravings instead of resisting them using pure willpower.

There are many methods in which smoking can be stopped. Here are two of scientifically proven methods listed:

  • Receiving financial incentives from an established program on refraining from smoking can be an effective method. In an attempt to decrease smoking in the workplace and timely cigarette breaks, a company in Japan gave its non-smoking employees an additional six-day paid leave, and so far many people have taken up this offer to stop smoking cigarettes.
  • Finding company. Most people are successful in their attempt to quit if their partner, colleague or best friend is also ready to quit along with them.

3. Replace smoking with another habit

Undeniably, that is the best way to quit smoking. To quit smoking permanently, you need to replace your old habit of smoking with a new one. Any practice, activity or hobby will provide positive results as long as it is healthy and keeps you occupied.

Here is a list of things that a person can engage into to divert their mind from negative thoughts and cigarette cravings:

  • Exercise is one of the most effective diversions in this context. Addicts can engage in vigorous exercise and incorporate them into a daily routine. That would help them to divert their mind from smoking addiction, improve their health even faster and adopt a healthy lifestyle that will reinforce their decision to quit cigarettes in the first place. Many people use sports to kick smoking like this woman who replaced smoking with rollerblading.
  • Community service is a fantastic habit to take part in.
  • Socialize as much as possible and ask for help from your colleagues to get rid of this habit. If you’re having trouble socializing without cigarettes, try visiting places where smoking is not allowed and ask your friends to not smoke next to you for a week or so after quitting.


Quitting this habit can be difficult, but there were three steps that any addict can follow to get rid of this deadly habit while minimizing the effort they need to put into it. However, it is important to remain consistent in this process for effective results. If you feel like giving up just distract yourself with your new habit, remember you resolve to be smoke-free and revisit the method you used to break free from the chains of this addiction.