How To Get Rid Of Blind Pimples! Easy Treatments! 

Getting pimples is already bad as it is; however, blind pimples are worse. Since these kinds of pimples are deep in the skin, nearer to your nerves, they are more painful. Usually, blind pimples tend to grow behind the ears and on the tip of the nose.

They can vary in size and are red in color without any pus. Squeezing or poking a blind pimple is very tempting; however, you should avoid this as it increases the risk of skin infection.

If you want to know how to Get rid of blind pimples isn’t all that hard and here are a few things you can do for its treatment.

Warm compress

This is perhaps the easiest remedy to follow. Using a hot compress promotes the circulation of blood which in turn speeds up the process of healing by giving shape to the head of a pimple. As soon as the pimple’s head opens up, the fluid that is accumulated inside comes out, and the process of healing starts. For a warm compress, put a soft cloth in warm water and apply it on the pimple for several minutes.

This is to be done at least four times daily until the head of a pimple is formed. Instead of a wet cloth, you can also use a tea bag (black tea) once you warm it up. Black tea contains tannins which help to reduce inflammation.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil possesses antibacterial properties which eliminate all such bacteria that cause blind pimples and also prevents any further outbreaks. Additionally, the soothing properties of tea tree oil speed up the natural healing process. Since tea tree oil is a cleanser, it penetrates deep into the skin and opens clogged pores.

To use tea tree oil for the treatment of blind pimples make sure that you first dilute it; either with water or Aloe Vera. Take nine out of ten parts water and one part oil. Mix it. Then with a ball of cotton, dab the mixture on the pimple. Let the oil stay for around ten minutes, then wash it off with warm water and apply a moisturizer. The process is to be repeated thrice a day.


According to a survey, using toothpaste on blind pimples is helpful however this method is not recommended for those that have sensitive skin. Toothpaste contains various chemicals that have the potential of irritating your skin. Also, only use regular white toothpaste that contains clove oil or mint. Both of these work to reduce the pimple’s size while alleviating redness and soreness.

Using your fingers, apply white toothpaste on the pimple before you go to sleep. Wash the toothpaste when you wake up in the morning with warm water. This is to be done on a regular basis until the said pimple goes away.

Alternatively, if you are unable to leave the toothpaste applied overnight then you can use it in the day as well. Just make sure that it stays on for a minimum of two hours.


Milk contains a chemical known as AHA which helps to open up clogged pores by getting rid of the accumulated dirt, oil, and dead skin.

Dip cotton in milk and dab the pimple with it. Let the milk stay for around ten minutes and then wash it away using warm water. This treatment is to be done thrice a day until you see the head of the pimple start coming out.

You can also make a poultice using bread soaked in warm milk and a cloth. You can then put the poultice on the pimple for several minutes.

So, there you have it. A couple of east treatments to get rid of blind pimples.