Understanding Mesothelioma: Do You Need an Attorney?

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer most commonly occurring as the result of asbestos exposure. As many as 80% of all diagnosed cases are the result of asbestos exposure. Many people who worked in coal mines in the early 1970s are only now learning of the dangers, after their devastating diagnosis. Although you cannot change what’s happened to you, there is a way to fight back and get the justice that you deserve.

A Look at Mesothelioma

It’s a big word, and a devastating condition. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer affecting the tissue covering the organs in the body. The lining of the lungs and the chest walls are the areas most affected by the condition. There is no cure for mesothelioma, and while there are treatment options, most people receive the diagnosis far too late for effective results. It is important that you’re aware of mesothelioma signs and symptoms, particularly if you’ve worked in a coal mining industry or something similar. Those signs and symptoms include:

Shortness of breath

– Pain in the chest wall

– Severe coughing

– Weight loss

– Feeling tired all or most of the time

– Swollen abdomen

– Fluid around the lungs

A quick doctor emanation can eliminate worry or provide the proper diagnosis of your condition, so if you notice any of the above symptoms, schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. Although it may be nothing to concern yourself with, early diagnosis in a mesothelioma case makes a world of difference.

Get the Justice You are Due

Once you’ve received a mesothelioma diagnosis, you’ve got a big battle ahead, but one that you can win with a fight. There will be many doctor appointments and hospital visits, but those are going to nurse you back to good health. Take care of your health, but make sure that you speak to Attorney Christopher Placitella as quickly as possible. Placitella provides free consultations for in-depth case discussion and analysis. If it is determined you have a case, Placitella fights for the justice that you deserve. Although nothing can change the diagnosis, there is a light of day when you know the responsible party will pay for their actions. And, with an attorney, you may receive a cash settlement for your injuries, including money to pay for medical bills past, present, and future; pain and suffering; lost wages; and more.

Don’t Fight Without a Mesothelioma Attorney

But, to get the money you deserve for your injuries, you must prove negligence, and that task isn’t always simple. As you might imagine, any company has a lawyer ready to handle any lawsuits filed against them. These lawyers are oftentimes scrupulous, and work only to protect their client’s pockets, rather than the good of the community. You should never try to go against these attorneys on your own. Doing so may cause more injury to insult after a devastating diagnosis. Instead, call Attorney Placitella, and rest assured that you’ll get everything that you deserve, even after such a devastating event in your life.