How to Get a Good Workout on the Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is probably the most overlooked of all cardio machines. Interestingly, it’s very effective as compared to many others in terms of improving your fitness. This incredible machine is very common in cardio sections of many modern gyms or health clubs. It’s also becoming an important piece of workout equipment for many people looking for something to boost their overall body fitness.

Here are 6 tips on how to get a good workout on the elliptical machine;

1. Familiarize yourself with your elliptical machine

It is imperative to ensure that you get to know and understand your elliptical machine to get the best from it. Whether you have it in your home or use it at your local gym it is sensible to understand what each feature does. The best way of getting to know your elliptical machine is by reading the manufacturers manual. You can only gain from an elliptical machine when you know how each feature and program works. Empowering yourself with such valuable knowledge will make it easy for you to press each button confidently knowing which one does this or that. It is prudent to get accustomed to your machine for convenience purpose.

2. Set Goals

Planning is the key to succeeding in almost everything in life. It is difficult to succeed in reaping the benefits of using an elliptical machine without setting realistic goals for yourself. It is recommended that you have a good and manageable plan even before you start pressing any of those buttons on your home or gym based elliptical machine. Many people fail to get a workout on the elliptical machine for not setting goals. Things become much easier when you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve from the machine in the end. Goals also help you become disciplined in following your workout routine every day.

3. Train smarter

The elliptical machine is modern workout equipment that embraces advanced technology. As a result of this, it makes it easy for you to train smarter using its free Smart Link™ app.You can benefit immensely from working out on the elliptical machine by downloading the free app to your smart electrical devices such as iPhone, iPad and any other android device you may have. You can then choose to customize your workout plans at your own convenience. The app takes it upon itself to record all your date to make it easy for you to track your workout progress effortlessly. You will be amazed by what you can achieve by training smarter with the SmartLink.All you have to do is download and then connect it to your Octane Elliptical. With this app, you can always adjust your goals midstream with ease besides having access to numerous workout instructional videos among other motivational tips.

4. Wear a heart rate monitor

It is prudent to wear a heart rate monitor when working on your elliptical machine if you want to get a good workout from it successfully. It does not really matter what program you prefer since Octane elliptical machines are designed to display your heart rate provided you are wearing a chest strap. Consequently, it makes it easy for you to monitor or adjust your intensity level for maximum workout effectiveness. You will be surprised by how much you benefit from working on the elliptical machine by simply making wearing a chest strap a daily workout habit.

5. Desist from distractions at all costs

While listening to music when working out makes the add some ounce of excitement to your workout experience, some distractions such as watching your favorite TV program, pressing your remote control surfing the Internet and reading a book/magazine can easily sabotage your efforts. The truth is that tolerating numerous distractions in during your workout routine will impede you from achieving your set goals .It becomes very easy to slow your intensity when you are focused on other things rather than following your daily elliptical program with discipline. In other simple words, you may have the best elliptical machine on the market but fail to get a good workout from it due to lack of focus.

6. Change your Elliptical workouts routine

Sticking to your daily workout routine may get boring at some point which will impact negatively on your intensity level. It is, therefore, important to consider changing your Elliptical workout programs on a regular basis. While there is nothing wrong with working out as per your daily manual program, you are more likely to get the most of your elliptical machine when you are more creative. Changing your elliptical machine workout routines periodically has multiple fitness benefits for you. Diversifying your workout on the elliptical machine will not only make the whole experience more exciting but also helps you get your body in shape fast.


Embracing the above tips will certainly help you to get a good workout on the Elliptical machine.