How To Detox Your Body And Mind     

Practiced by cultures around the globe, detoxification primarily entails the cleansing of your body from the pollutants. With each passing day, your body becomes overwhelmed because of the toxins that it’s exposed to. This happens when you come into contact with water containing fluoride, air which has a ton of chemical trails and food that’s filled with genetically modified ingredients and preservatives.

Thankfully, detoxification helps to remove and get rid of such toxins. It also provides the necessary preparation for giving your body the much needed nutrients. Both of these processes go a long way in protecting you from illnesses as well as renewing your energy to maintain optimal health. If you are not sure of how to go about detoxifying your body, this article explains how.

Take more water

Although this is not what many would want, taking drinks like alcohol does no good to your detoxification efforts. Instead, you should take more water to hydrate your body, which then helps your kidneys in removing any toxins present. If you don’t want to take pure water, you can always add a couple of lemons to boost your electrolytes intake.

Alternatively, you can also add green tea or milk to your diet. Apart from hydrating, beverages like green tea help in protecting against cancer and heart disease while milk aids in enhancing liver function.

Consider your skin health

Although usually people pay not much attention to their skin health, this is one of the best ways to detox. Dry-brushing your skin using a soft brush is one way to care about your skin. Ideally, this should be done right before taking a bath or shower. Such gentle exfoliation not only ensures proper air circulation but it also enhances the growth of new cells.

Another tip is to add Epsom salt to your bath. The reason for this is that the skin is capable of absorbing a ton of minerals from it, especially magnesium, which is an excellent treatment for constipation. If you are suffering from it, the magnesium helps by relaxing your bowels while still pulling water into your intestines.

Exercise and meditation

Exercise and mediation are two other techniques for detoxing your body. When you exercise, you sweat, which in turn enables your body to release toxins via your skin pores. Based on multiple studies, sweat has been found to have traces of arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium.

You have already heard about the benefits of meditation. It helps in easing depression, improving mental functioning and minimizing anxiety. But meditation is also a great tool for reducing Quantum toxins. Put simply: this refers to the thought patterns or negative emotions, which have a direct impact on one’s physical chemistry.

Ideally, meditation helps in quieting the ‘monkey mind’, that is, the persistent uncontrolled thinking which brings about anxiety and stress. A troubled mind can cause the body to perform poorly, especially when it comes to detoxification. So, meditate today to cleanse your body and mind.

Purifying the air you inhale

You can reduce your exposure to toxins by inhaling more clean air. Sure, you do not have much control over the air you breathe. Nonetheless, you can control the environment you live in. For instance, you can make your home less toxic by getting rid of smoke, pet dander, mold, aerosols and other allergy-causing substances. In fact, you should invest in an air purification gadget to keep the air in your home fresh and toxic-free.

Whole body detox calls for a long commitment from the individual. However, it can be particularly rewarding. The steps you take to detox your system will benefit your health and well-being.