Prep your Office: The Importance of Headsets for a New Startup

The early days of a new startup are pertinent to the success of the business. Proper preparation goes a long way when transitioning into a full-blown business venture. Most people put the bulk of their energy into their online presence when preparing to launch. It is important, however, to think ahead to when the orders start rolling in. Startups require a lot of communication with investors and future consumers. Office equipment is a key part of proper preparation. A versatile headset can save the day when things get busy.


Think about how many hours you spend on the computer or at a desk while working on your startup. It is important to consider your daily activities when choosing a headset. It is unlikely that you are going to be sitting in one place all day. You may need to take care of other business, taking you away from your computer desk. Calls won’t be missed if your headset has a good range for reception. Make sure you can still say connected while standing in every area of your office. This way, you are free to move around while still dealing with phone calls. Look for a set that has a range of about 350 feet or more.

Ease of Use

While there may be times when you wear your headset for hours on end, there are also times when you take a break from it. Be sure that your headset is not overly complicated. You should be able to pick it up and initiate a connection within seconds. It is difficult to remain available when you are constantly fighting to use your headset properly. Any buttons or controls should be simple and clear in their use.


For those long days where you can’t seem to catch a break, you need to have a headset that fits comfortably. Headsets can be worn in a variety of ways. It is a good idea to try on a few different samples to see what feels best for you. Some headsets have the versatility to be worn in different ways. This allows you to change how you are wearing them throughout the day if you become uncomfortable. A wireless headset is crucial for comfort, as well as mobility. Wires can become tangled in clothing and hair throughout the day. Uneven volume can also cause discomfort when a sudden spike occurs. Find a set that corrects these as they happen.


It is difficult to service customers when you cannot clearly hear what they are saying. Whether you are talking to investors, consumers, or team members, it is pertinent that you communicate properly. Look for a set that utilizes digital sound processing, for best results. This feature helps to correct glitches and changes in sound that comes through it. Integrated sound guard technology can handle many of these issues.

It can be easy to overlook the little things when setting up the office for your new startup. Computers, merchandise, and website promotions often take over the planning stage. A good headset, however, is an integral part of long days running a startup. You need to be comfortable while putting in long hours and be able to move around as needed. Clear sound quality and an easy to use product also make the day go smoothly. Excellent product suggestions can be found on review. The reviews on this site supply useful information to help you find the right headset for your unique startup.