How to Choose Cheap and Comfortable Glasses

Getting cheap and comfortable glasses was a difficult task in the past. Things are gradually changing and many people are finding it easier to purchase high quality eyeglasses that matches their prescription. Frames and lenses are the most important factors to note when shopping for glasses. At times, replacing eyeglasses lenses can save more money, but the frames must be in good shape.

The importance of selecting a frame that suits your face shape can’t be underscored. People that need one vision correcting need or the other should feel comfortable wearing glasses. Although some eyeglasses are really expensive, there are still affordable and high quality ones out there. Here are some suggestions for selecting the best glasses.

Size really matters

The size of a prescription glasses is more important than the latest style. Big frames lead to eye fatigue, distorted vision, eye strain, discomfort, unsightly marks on the skin and can render your prescription ineffective. Purchasing a pair of eyeglasses that come with the right distance between the lenses ensure that eye strain is minimized. In addition, the bridge of the frames won’t rest on your forehead and less pressure will be exerted on the inner part of the eyes.

Choose glasses that are well center aligned

A proper center alignment of glasses guarantees accurate vision for the wearer. The center alignment of glasses refers to how lenses are placed directly in front of the eyes. It should be noted that loose arms won’t allow glasses to be center aligned properly and can aggravate certain eye conditions. In case you’ve been wearing eyeglasses for some time, check the measurement on the wide arm of the frame. This information can go a long way when shopping for new glasses.

Go for the necessary add-ons

Having several coatings on your lenses equals to a higher price. Some eyeglasses often come with in-built add-ons like scratch-proof, anti-glare and UV-protection. The type of add-ons needed largely depends on your lifestyle and job. Get to know about the available coatings and compare the different prices of trusted retailers.

Select the appropriate nose pads

Although they may appear insignificant, nose pads have a huge impact on how comfortable a pair of glasses is. They are made of soft plastic and the best ones normally rest comfortably on the wearer’s nose. In case your nose pads feel uncomfortable, adjust the pad plate and pad arm. Once the right nose pads are used, it will assist with the proper center alignment of glasses.

Try purchasing eyeglasses online

Most of the online stores usually offer high quality glasses at low prices. They are gaining popularity day in and out. To get the best deals, you can check online reviews or make enquires from people that have used their services before. Placing an order can be carried out from anywhere and the glasses will be delivered. The bottom line is to contact only authentic companies.

Get an updated eyewear prescription

An eyewear prescription has a validity of 2 years for adults and a year for kids. It is important to schedule an eye exam with your optometrist as soon as your prescription expires. The prescription of eyeglasses is usually different from that of contact lenses. During the exam, it may be discovered that another pair of glasses is required to correct your vision. The eye doctor will give you a copy of your latest prescription once the eye exam is over.