How Selection Of Mattresses Impact The Quality Of Your Sleep

If you wake up tired, with headaches and aching body, then you need to change your mattress right away. Your mattress affects your sleep and health to a large extent. Compromising on the quality of the mattress you buy can have adverse effects on your health. Read on to understand how important it is to buy a good mattress for a good night sleep and to stay healthy.

Mattress and Physical Health

  1. Heart health issues – People who don’t get sufficient sleep are at the increased risk of getting heart diseases. If your mattress is not comfortable you will be deprived of sound sleep. This will make you more prone to heart related problems or cardiac disorders.
  2. Allergies – If your mattress is old and worn out, then it is a home for dust mites. Dust mites may cause skin allergies and respiratory problems.
  3. Back pain – If your back is not properly aligned with the mattress, you may get problems like stiff back and severe pain.
  4. Weakened immunity – To increase the immunity your body needs enough rest. When your body doesn’t get enough rest because of an uncomfortable mattress, your immunity will be weakened.
  5. Obesity – Sleep deprivation is one of the causes for decreased metabolism and overeating. When the metabolism is decreased, you tend to overeat and gain weight, leading to obesity.

Mattress and Mental Health

  1. Increased stress – Although there are several causes for stress, lack of sleep is one of the important ones. A good mattress will provide complete support to the backbone and other parts of the body, and thereby giving you restful sleep.
  2. Decreased focus and attention – If you are not able to focus or pay more attention at work or school, or in any activity that you are involved in, then you should make sure that you get a goodnight sleep. All these are the result of sleeplessness.
  3. Weakened memory – Do you know your brain does the work of stacking all memories, in the order of importance while your body is sleeping? When you don’t get enough sleep, your memories are not stacked, and remain scattered. Sound sleep is very important for sharp memory.

Mattress and Emotional Health

Good sleep is not only important for your physical and mental health, but also for strengthening of relationship between couples. Bad sleep affects your emotional health and your mood. You are more prone to get negative emotions and become more sensitive. This will affect the personal relations between the couples.

Have your realized the importance of a good mattress for staying healthy, happy and fit? Are you planning to buy a new mattress? These days many mattress advertising advance memory foam mattress these days. So, what is memory foam?

It is made from viscoelastic and it is sensitive to your body temperature. It sinks more reacting to your body warmth. It keeps your body perfectly aligned to your mattress. When your weight is spread evenly, you get good sleep, and you also get relief from body aches. Thus, it is suggested that you buy the best mattress from a reputed company.