How Going to Music Concerts can Benefit Your Health?

Music, just hearing that word transcends you to the world where only you can understand why it is so dear to you. You hurriedly rush to check out your CD or your playlists in your iPod and just play it. And then, it is pure silence. You are so much drawn into its magical charisma. It has that keen ability where it can transport you from whatever you might be presently dealing with to transferring you to somewhere else, temporarily paralyzed. I don’t know if it’s the specific lyric which draws you or the greater aura of the song in your ears. But, in general, it is tough to dispute the transcendental nature of music.

And as I have shown my concern over here for the music, I can also state that music is the remedy for some issues which you might not have even wondered. According to a study conducted by a Memorial Cancer Centre, they have compared the two types of music and its effects. The difference between live music and recorded music data shows that live music promotes more vigor than the latter. It also relieved more stress and tension which was taken in a lot by cancer patients than compared to that of the recorded variety.

There is a kind of a level of authenticity and also energy which comes with only live music. You may not dance to the collection which you have plugged in your ears; you just sway your heads when you are sitting in front of your laptop. But when you hear the same songs live at some music concerts, I bet you would be busting some moves. There is a kind of human element which is inherent in live music.

Here is how live music or attending to music concerts can benefit your health

Alleviates Stress

Attending a concert decreases the release of stress hormones like Cortisol and a few other hormones as well. According to a research report, they found that out of 117 participants, the levels of Cortisol was dropped significantly in most of them after attending a concert. It is stated that when attending a concert, the physiologic result is a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure and also respiratory rate.

Acts as a Pain Killer/Reliever of Pain

Studies have shown that listening to music before, during and also after a surgery provides an analgesic kind of effect on patients. This same thing holds true for those people who attend concerts. These medical experts say that “When you are excited at concerts, your brain tends to release endorphins and also neurotransmitters which block pain. Listening to the music which you love can increase your pain threshold.” There are medical professionals who tend to write songs to people who are surviving with cancer.

Enjoyable Exercise

Being live at music concerts, you know how long you stay in the crowd. You just tend to walk to and from the concert venue, jumping up and down during the show and also dancing to your jam!! You might have exercised as equal to 30 minutes you spend on a treadmill. Attending a concert is like getting in shape and not even realizing how much work you have put into it. The coolest thing is that not only your body but also your diaphragm gets a workout when you cheer or sing along.

Benefit to Ones Dealing with Parkinson’s

We know that Parkinson’s patients have difficulties about motor skills and these people commonly experience ‘breaks’ or ‘freezing,’ which means uncontrollable disruptions in movement. When the Parkinson’s patients tend to listen to music, which contains a steady rhythm or beat, they showed a significant improvement in their ability to walk.

Feeling of Well-Being

People who are regulars to musical performances have a higher feeling of well-being than those who do not. According to a recent research report by the Australian researchers, where they interviewed about 1000 people to gain knowledge of the relationship between music and sense of well being, it was found that those who were regulars at musical events got connected with a higher sense of well being than those who didn’t engage at all.