Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthy and Lose Weight

After an indulgent holiday and overdoing it with all the carbs and sugar the season has to offer, it’s natural to feel like a change is in order. Yet, New Year’s resolutions involving diets seem to fail more than they succeed. That’s because the majority of resolutions are poorly thought out and bigger than the person can handle. (Think – I’m going to lose 50 lbs. by February). Expectations are placed too high, resulting in a lack of motivation and unfulfilled promises.

So how do you make sure your resolution to get healthy doesn’t end up like last year’s gym membership? Here are some simple ways to get started.

Set Mini-Milestones

If you set smaller goals to reach along your journey, you’ll become less overwhelmed and you’ll have the added satisfaction of checking something off your to-do list. Be realistic. For instance, instead of saying, “I want to drop down 2 sizes in a month”, change the goal to, “I want to fit comfortably into my clothes in a month.”

Get Active

Even if you can’t make it to the gym as often as you’d like, any increase in your activity level is a great way to support healthy weight loss. One way you can make sure you stick to your health plan after January is to go for a 30-minute walk before lunch time or opt to take the stairs over the elevator. Every little thing adds up. Start with a weekly fitness plan to put you on the right track and give you specific workouts to try at home or the gym.

Drink More Water

Speaking of goals, by now you should know the importance of drinking water, especially because your body can sometimes confuse thirst for hunger. Challenge yourself by making it a point to drink eight glasses of water per day. You can mix things up by infusing fruit or vegetables to your water to add some flavor.

Cut Out Carbs

We all know that carbs break down in our body as sugar and that there are good carbs and bad carbs. Aim to replace the bad carbs with healthy alternatives. Eat plenty of leafy green veggies and other low carb vegetables, lean meats, seafoods, and other healthy fats. Avoid high carb foods like bread, pasta as well as other processed foods, sugars, and starchy vegetables. You can start simply by swapping a side salad for french fries on your next take out order.

Sign Up for a Meal Delivery Service

The key to losing weight is sticking to a healthy diet. But what if cooking isn’t your thing or you just don’t have enough time to meal plan after a hectic day? Whatever the situation, there are plenty of great meal delivery services available that make healthy eating much more attainable. That’s where the Ketoned Bodies keto meal delivery service comes in. Ketoned Bodies sends you premade, heat-and-serve keto foods that you need, and you just sit back and enjoy the results. If your New Year’s resolution is to go keto, Ketoned Bodies makes it easy for those who are new to Ketosis or for those who had trouble sticking with the diet in the past.

Remember, don’t set your expectations too high and stick to a healthy, well-thought out plan. Here’s hoping this year’s resolution will stick!