Understanding How Implant Abutment Works

Do you have any idea on what implant abutment is? If you are always going to your dentist or you have dental sensitive friends or families, you might encounter this term. In this article, you will know what is this term is about and what is the steps on doing it.

Knowing Implant Abutment Better

Some people have the need to replace their teeth and, in-the-tooth replacement process, there are three things that should be done. This includes an implant, abutment (brace or support) and a crown. Below are additional simplified details about implant abutment

Steps on Tooth Replacement

The first step in replacing a tooth is placing an implant. This means that a minor surgery will be done in order to perfectly put the implant to the bone. When the surgery on implant has been healed, the imprint will be taken to serve as a reference for making the abutment as well as the crown.

The second step is doing the Abutment design, which is done digitally. The dentist and other dental lab staff work on a titanium abutment that is customized. The abutment will be then processed through a milling machine. After that, it will be attached to the implant through screwing. This serves as a support to the crown. This abutment serves as a connecting piece that combines the crown and the implant together. In other words, it is responsible for connecting the implant or the root to the actual tooth called the crown.

What is the Crown?

When you talk about the crown, it refers to an actual structure similar to a tooth. This is what you actually see above your gum. On the other hand, abutment also means connecting element.

After the abutment is completed, the crown will be designed digitally. It is the whole things’ actual tooth and will somewhat complete the tooth replacement process.

In the whole process, the implant abutment plays an important role in bringing back the lost confidence in people’s incomplete smile. It puts the implant as well as the crown together.

Having complete shining teeth increases people’s confidence or self-stem. That is why paying dental attention to teeth is one vital way of performing better in both social and emotional aspects in life. For several decades, this has been the primary standard of replacing an incomplete set of teeth. There are several dental care services that you could find. See it that you find the best for your preferences.