Top 5 reasons to choose Kettlebells

Kettlebells look like a mini bowling ball which has a handle. They are great for flexibility training, cardio and strength. You can begin this by lifting the weight of your choice. Most women lift a weight of between 8kg to 16kg while for men; they lift 16kg to 32kg.

However, the weights vary depending on the exercise of your choice. It is essential to start from low and work your way up. For those who are too busy to find time to fit in exercise, Best kettlebells workout might be the ultimate solution for you. Using kettlebell is essential because, with it, you will be able to achieve a total body workout.

Five reasons to choose kettlebells

1. Increases your strength and your cardio

It is a combination of strength and cardio. If you are aiming at increasing the cardio or getting stronger, this is the best way to go. While using the best kettlebell, your muscles will be working hard as well as your lungs and heart. You will also be in a position to train for strength and endurance. You will, therefore, be able to build your strength. This is because the exercise will take place with your arms being in an overhead position.

2. It is efficient

The design of the kettlebells is the most interesting things about them. This is because kettlebells are unbalanced or rather shaped like the dumbbells. Their whole bodies need to uniformly work for all movements. Their design can also help with some unique movements such as the kettlebell Swings; this movement allows one to burn a large number of calories within a short period of time. Kettlebell training also helps one to get rid of 20 calories in a minute. Although it is advisable that one sticks with the shorter and the high-intensity kettlebell workouts.

3. Minimal equipment needed

Keeping fitness comes with its challenges; one of them is getting the correct equipment for keeping fit. For example if it rains or the gym get closed, you will have nowhere to go to, in fact, you will use that as an excuse to lie on the couch, but when you get yourself kettlebells, you are good to go, you will only need a space where you will be able to stretch your arms. You can do this in the comfort of your home; hence you will be able to stay active as well as on the track.

4. It makes you strong

If you are up for strength and not being bulky, this is the way to go. Using a kettlebell will enable you to build a lean and powerful muscle rather than being bulky. Kettlebell swinging will engage multiple muscles groups hence you will be able to build muscle all over your body at once. Your whole body will be engaged in an exercise with no part being left out, by doing this, the whole of your body will benefit from this training.

5. Easy to learn and fun

It is easy to learn especially if you get a coach to teach you the basics, and once you know the basics, you will be good to go, it is not as complicated as other programs. With kettlebells, you will be in a position to get a high-intensity workout compared to other workouts. A workout should be fun, because if you do not enjoy workout, then you might stop doing it. With kettlebells, be sure to have fun. They are different from other workout programs as they are also easy to start. Once you start kettlebells, you will always be going back for more.

Final Speech

These days, everybody is trying to find out how he or she can be in shape, lose weight as well as gain muscles. Well, as you have read above, kettlebells can help you with these worries; you will be in a position to be fit, in shape and gain muscles. They are extremely lovable for those who have used them once you use them, your end result will be amazing. Not to forget that they are also very versatile and you can also carry them when going for your trip or when going to your friend’s house to do a friends workout.