Health risks associated with pedicure

Pedicures today have become a way of life for both the men and women. Escaping out of a hectic schedule and treating your feet with all kinds of soaks, oil as well as massages is nothing but a bout of rejuvenation not just for your legs, but for your entire tired body.

Not only this, pedicures are also recommended by the doctors to their patients as the same is used for the treatment for their health. Pedicures have a number of advantages. They help to present ingrown toenails. Regular sessions of pedicure always tend to keep your feet clean and beautiful and the same pampering of toe helps to identify any foot problem caused at its very early stage.

However, not everything learned and said about the foot pampering sessions should be relied upon blindly as pedicures come with a number of health risks as well. There are various health risks associated with the regular sessions of pedicure that could harm you in the long run. This is the reason why it is always advisable to seek the suggestions of a podiatrist before considering to book an appointment of your foot-pampering.

The following are considered to be the major health risks that are associated with pedicure:

  • The jets seen in a whirlpool foot bath of pedicure are considered to be a little detrimental to your health. This is because they comprise of fungi and bacteria. Moreover, whirlpool baths have all the potential to cause pedicure infections, viral infections, warts, athlete’s foot as well as many other fungi infections.
  • The skin on account of being cut during a session of pedicure has all the tendencies to catch a bacterial infection. This mostly happens when you come into contact with a previous customer who had gone through such kind of infection. Also, some salons do not sterilize or disinfect their medical tools required for pedicure and thus there are more chances of catching an infection among the vulnerable ones.
  • Another con of getting pedicures done very frequently is the problem of yellowing of the toenails. Although, not everyone suffers from the problem of yellow toenails, yet some specific substances here can cause the problem to your nails. While it is also believed that all these other times it is nothing but the problem of a high fungal infection. Thus, getting your pedicure done very often and wearing a nail polish after that creates a lack of oxygen which does nothing but messes with the original color of your nails, thereby making it pale and yellow.
  • Today, a number of salons make the use of wooden tools to serve the purpose of pedicure. Sadly, these tools cannot be sterilized and therefore they tend to cause a number of pedicure diseases to your feet.

Thus, the health benefits of pedicure also carry some health risks in their toe. In order to save yourself from these infections and diseases, it is always advisable to visit a salon beforehand and to keep a check on the process of sterilization of the tools. You must also make sure that the salons are making the use of tub liner for all their tubs. Lastly, it is never a bad idea to seek an advice from your doctor before opting for this pampering session.

Have a happy pedicure!