Spending time outdoors boosts your health

During winter, you spend most of your time indoors, but as the temperatures start to rise, it is the time for you to go outdoors, and become more active. Nowadays, people seem to have forgotten the feeling of serenity they have when they spend time in nature. A walk in the park can help you escape the stress and craziness of your everyday life. You may be the type of person who prefers hitting the gym because you find more comfortable to get out of the house, take your car, and go there. But, you should also include in your routine outdoor activities, because they have a stronger effect on your body than the indoor exercises, you do at the gym. When you do sports outdoors, your stress is relieved in a couple of minutes and your brain activity increases.

The sunlight and fresh air you expose yourself to when you spend time outdoors, have the largest benefits on your health. When you expose yourself to natural sunlight, your body gets the needed amount of vitamin D, the factor that influences the moods. Research shows that spending time outdoors helps people reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it decreases the levels of mental illness.

What outdoor activities can improve your health?


If you need some moments of peace, then you will find extremely comforting to go paddling once a week. Being on water brings you serenity, no other sport can offer. Studies show that the persons, who paddle regularly, have numerous mental and physical health benefits. Paddling will also help you tone up because it works your upper body, and it increases the strength in your chest, shoulders, arms, and back. If you want to also work your legs, you should try kayaking, it will work your core strength, and it will help you detach from the daily stress you are dealing with.


Sometimes people do not want to lose weight, they are happy with the way their body looks, but they are searching for an activity that helps them maintain their mental health. Yoga is one of the activities that help people meditate and find inner peace. And if during the winter season, people practice yoga indoors, during the warm days of spring, or during the summer, they have the opportunity to practice yoga outdoors. Yoga allows you to enjoy the fresh air of nature and to seek stability and peace. Yoga is the type of workout that focuses on your wellness, and it helps you re-establish your connection with nature.

It is proved that if you spend time outdoors practicing yoga you can strengthen your immune system, lower your blood pressure and reduce the stress levels.


When it comes to hiking, you will find this activity pleasant if you live in a geographical area that features multiple parks and forests, because it will offer you countless places and routes. It is the type of workout that focuses on your heart, and you should practice it if you want to tone your upper and lower body. It is a complete workout, especially if you do it on a mountain or hill. Hiking is the perfect alternative for the cardio exercises, you practice at the gym, and because you will do it outdoors, you will boost your bone density, you will keep your heart healthy, and you will maintain your weight.

Sometimes, the persons who are working countless hours in an office feel stuck, and they need an activity that helps them regain their energy levels. Hiking is one of the few activities that help your problem-solving abilities and creative thinking skills. When you will walk down the train you will hear the rushing water and the birds in the trees, and you will regain your calm. If you want to also have fun while you go on a hiking trip, you can use a metal detector to explore the land. Who knows, there may be some hidden treasures in the areas you explore.


If you want to enjoy time at the beach and have a head-to-toe workout, you should go swimming. Swimming is considered a low-impact exercise; people are often using it to help them recover from an injury because it does not put a strain on their body. But, because it is a low-impact exercise, it does not mean that it does not help you work your body. The water provides resistance and it increases your tone and strength and you swim. You will have to do it regularly to have noticeable results. When you are in the water, you stretch your muscles, and this increases your flexibility. The persons, who experience injuries, often have flexibility issues, and swimming helps them.

Swimming is also great for your mental health, it helps you de-stress and relax. The persons who have decided to install an indoor or outdoor pool on their property, have done it because it helps them disconnect from the daily stress that affects their health. When you float above the water, your sensory information is dulled, and you are experiencing a state of calm. You are practicing rhythmic breathing and moving, and it has the same effects as meditation. Next time you are at the beach, you should try different swimming styles, like front crawl, butterfly, and backstroke; they will help different parts of your body build strength.


Cycling is one of the best activities you can have together with your friends. It does not require individual attention; actually, if you do it together with someone, your mental state will improve. When it comes to your body, it has a great impact on your lower part of your body, on your calves, hamstrings and quads. It is also a great cardio exercise, and it improves your cardiovascular health. If you have recently suffered from an injury, or you are experiencing joint pains, you can go cycling, because it does not require you bearing weights, when you exercise. Because you have to pedal while you are cycling, you will improve your balance and coordination.