Most Reliable Healthcare Websites You Can Trust in 2019

When it comes to health utmost attention is needed, especially to the kind of information you read and suggestions you adopt. A few years ago, everyone was furious about the breakout of a deadly disease called Ebola. In Africa, numerous blogs took this opportunity to get more traffic and start claiming the cure to Ebola was drinking and bathing with salt water. This little rumor or misinformation lead to a lot of people experiencing severe health conditions.

With that said, you would believe that in the health niche there should be no room for slight misinformation. Sadly, otherwise is what is currently experienced. Most websites in this niche don’t give adequate, accurate and reliable information. They are after generating more money. And, here is where the challenge lies – finding a reliable healthcare website with high-quality articles.

Which is why we have done in-depth research and come up with a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Most reliable healthcare websites for 2019.

Top 10 Most Reliable Healthcare Websites 2019

1. National Institute of Health

Nothing better than visiting a site with the most extensive information on medical research funding. It boosts to be one of the most popular websites on the internet. This website is not meant for some entertainment or jokes, but medical researches. It is an important agency in the United States of America Health.

This site is analogous to a library where you can always get to know more about the past, and the current process in a particular field, except NIH, is focused on health alone. It has about 20 different such sections such as the National Cancer Institute, National Eye Institute, National Human Genome Research Institute, and many more.

National Institute of Health provides you with contents ranging from Research programmes to health information needed for day-to-day use.

2. WebMD

WebMD is a popular healthcare website has it features several doctors and experts on its team. They provide great content not just fascinating to read but logical and well backed up by a reliable source. The website introduces its excellent team members to the public, too, ensure the public are aware that contents are not cooked up but written by experts in the field.

They seem to be focused on helping people live a healthier and happier life through accurate and up-to-date information. Aside from this, WebMD has over thousands of contents; written in a simple and easy to understand manner.

3. Healthline

This privately-owned website, since inception in 2006, has worked its way to be among the top 500 fast-growing technology companies in North America. This website publishes content to inform people more about topics in the health and wellness niche. Healthline provides over 40 sites with health-related contents, services, and tools.

With that said, it is no surprise that, in 2009, a columnist in the technology niche, Kim Komando, place Healthline among the top healthcare information website. It is a good place to get reliable information about any health-related inquiry that pops up in your head.

4. Everyday Health

This website comes with a mindset to inspire, motivate people to lead a healthier life every day. It provides you with genuine information to help you stay safe, smart and health daily. The site seems to want to be the bridge between medical site and lifestyle.

They search for useful health information which often includes several hard-to-understand medical terms and put in a way for non-specialists to understand without racking your brain. All content published on this website is reviewed by several physicians and healthcare providers to ensure authenticity before the public get hold of it.

5. Verywell

This website is the ideal choice for individuals looking to get a website with more straightforward and easy to understand the medical-related content. Verywell aims to provide the public with more reliable information, which helps you feel better about yourself.
Verywell has several contents in different health niches such as mental health, fitness, nutrition, pregnancy, just name it. The website also provides you with numerous advice from an expert which you are easy following or incorporate to feel better.

6. MayoClinic

Mayo Clinic isn’t meant to be a profitable organization; it provides clinical education, studies, and research to help inspire hope and support your healthy life and well-being. They follow a simple code “The needs of the patient come first.” This organization is filled with fantastic specialist readily available to help and discuss with you. And, in 2009, according to the U.S. News & World Report Mayo Clinic is ranked as the best hospital in the nation. This shows their commitment toward their patients.

7. Consumer Health Digest

This is one of the few that take quality time to provide readers with quality, accurate and reliable information. Experts and physician write all contents found on this website. They are not set out to fool the public but feed them with high-quality health information to help people lead an active and healthy life.

Consumer Health Digest talks about several topics from men’s health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, and many more. All claims found on this site are back up with a link to a reliable source. They also have an impressive team with expert providing readers with their social media account so you can connect with them, which shows this website cares about you. Furthermore, it provides a detailed review of health supplements to help consumers make the right choice.

8. Natural News

This is a popular site occupying a server space to sell various dietary supplements. It promotes the use of alternative medicine, controversial health claims and nutrition and strongly frowns at the fake scientific news and other conspiracy theory.
The website can be called the whistleblower, they are focused on keeping you safe from fake new that can lead to damage rather than good if followed. They also want to help you stay away from pharmaceutical medicine and opt-in for natural products to help improve your overall health.


Looking to improve your health without having to try lots of fake information? Then, take advantage of this website. This website helps users get the right energetic workouts, diet plans, advice, and tips. They give your real-time opinions on how to deal with any health complication you are currently struggling with for better health.

10. Men’s Health

This website, as its moniker goes, is for men and how to improve your health quality. The site features exciting topic relating to men health. Several issues which you do not often want to discuss with your partner or a doctor is often addressed in this site. They talk about how to lose weight, groom, sex, style, nutrition, health and many more. This is a real plus to the men.


When it comes to health, it is better to safe than sorry. It is imperative that you become conversant with how to improve and maintain your health. But, with the thousands of health websites online, what to believe becomes challenging and dismaying. And, as such, I have strictly scrutinized several health websites and come up with the most reliable health websites today. These websites help add value to your lifestyle; ensuring all information are genuine and properly referenced to only trustworthy sources.