Five Best Exercise for Health Fitness and Overall Look

Health is a reflection of a happy life. It gives hope, power and the best gift from God. The word “health” includes an overall concept of physical and mental fitness.

We all are busy and have a hectic life so achieving overall good health is a difficult task for everyone today. It is not all about eating right, because nutrition is not the only key for overall fitness. It needs exercise too.

Why Exercise is Important with proper diet

The fitness expert says that it’s 50% the diet you are having and 50% exercise for better health options. While

  • Exercise helps in losing weight
  • It promotes a better physical Stamina
  • Heals and lessen the pain of Chronic Syndromes
  • Makes one happy and reduce anxiety
  • Better skin and elevates the glow
  • Helps in releasing the toxins of the body

Exercising is the key to a long and healthy life. The most important aspect of exercise is that it aids in the delivery of proper nutrients to every cell and tissue of the body. Similarly, it makes it possible for better oxygen absorption in the blood and lungs, which is the root cause of many chronic illnesses.

Here you can see the 5 Best Exercises for Health Fitness and Overall Look gathered by

Jogging and Walking

Walking has shown remarkable differences in health in a lesser amount of tenure. It also improves memory, mental health, and blood circulation. Same as this it also assists in weight loss journey for many by improving the metabolism and digestion. It has been proven that 45 minutes’ walk is a natural bypass for heart patients and people above in the late ’30s.

Jogging also has a good role in improving overall health because it tends to strengthen bones and muscle to a higher extent. You can either use the park, road or Treadmill for this purpose, but sticking to a routine is vital.


After walking and jogging, swimming is an extremely vital exercise if one needs to jump to higher fitness levels. It is the exercise of complete body parts from head to toe that it ensures fresh outcome.

Swimming improves the cardiovascular system. Similarly it treats depression, anxiety, and stress from the root.


The deadlift is mostly famous for many athletes and sports persons. It is a great technique used to improve in strengthening the central muscles. It also boosts stamina, concentration, and stability.

Bench Press

It is also a beneficial exercise type that helps in strengthening upper body overall mass and strength. It also improves the front shoulders, back and biceps, triceps resulting in broad and attractive shoulders.


Squats are proven to burn calories and enhance the lower lumbar region. Torso and ankles are main targets that get strengthened while squatting. In the same way, doing it regularly seem to mend improper posture and balance too.