Choosing online therapy – What should you know before making the choice?

These days, either with the tap of an app or the click of a mouse, you may have immediate access to a therapist or that is what the new technologies and tools claim. They are all set to take psychotherapy out of the office of the therapist and to any location they wish to through the internet. Utilizing the web can certainly be convenient for several people who are pretty comfortable with the web and who are looking forward for seeking help.

However, before you sign up for one of these several popular choices, there are a number of things you need to consider. Psychologists and mental health professionals refer to any sort of therapy that is delivered over the phone or other devices as telepsychology. You might hear the name phone therapy or online therapy or text therapy. Whichever form you’re seeking help of, here are few things that you should know before taking the plunge.

Is the online therapy tool the perfect option for me?

There is no such research which clearly reveals the fact that stand-alone online therapy or texting therapy is the most appropriate therapy for everyone who is facing any kind of mental health issue. While there are few sites which advertise that they can provide you with therapy but such claims can be false and misleading. However, you should be aware of the fact that the people who are sitting to offer you the service behind the apps may not be qualified or licensed to give you advice on mental health.

Is the therapist going to be accredited?

You need to remember that licensing protects you and if you’re seeking the help of a therapist or a psychotherapist who is not licensed, you may run the risk of getting wrong advice with regards to your mental health. Now it is never easy to know whether or not you’re offering psychotherapy based on evidence. Licensure laws safeguard you by making sure that you get help only from those who are qualified and trained to offer advice.

Is the therapist licensed in the place you reside?

Licenses are granted by each state and they have their separate laws just in the manner every state determines the resident’s driver’s license. The provider of the therapy should be licensed in the jurisdiction of the place where he is located and this decision can be difficult to make.

Hence, if you’re wondering about whether or not to seek online therapy, try to keep the above mentioned points in mind.