More and more millennials take resort to online therapy – Breaking few myths

Whenever we hear the term ‘millennial’ we conjure up images like casual, privileged, tech-freak, obsessed with social media, self-absorbed and various other phrases. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals come across millennials in their everyday life as there are soaring issues among the millennials. They teach the millennials, listen to their issues and also give them the required advice.

Millennials refer to the people who were born in between 1980s and 2000s and who are experiencing the challenges of the newest generation. From career issues to economic sluggishness to huge loads of student loan debt, they have millions of things to worry about. All these issues are taking a toll on their mental health and are making them run to professionals.

Myths about online therapy believed by most millennials – Breaking them

Seeking therapy is an expensive affair

There are times when seeking the right therapy can definitely get costly but then it totally depends on whom you’re seeking the services from. Are you willing enough to go through the online resources that are available to you? In case you’re a university student, you’ll have free access to lots of offers. There are several counselors, both offline and online who offer services at a rather nominal rate. Hence, this is not at all an expensive affair.

There’s too much stress in my life and I don’t have time to commit

Millennials have a wide range of issues that always keep them busy. The online therapies that are available include an expensive and lengthy commitment. Gone are those good old days when you had to meet a physical therapist in his office as there are several resources online from which you can get help from the comfort of your home. Hence, you don’t need any serious time-taking commitments.

I don’t feel I’m depressed; hence therapy is not for me

You might not be diagnosed with DSM-V but you’re somehow feeling nervous, stuck or unsure of whether it is a good reason to seek help of counseling. If you thought that therapy is only for those who are suffering from severe mental health disorders, you’re wrong. Mental health therapy is actually given to boost the quality of your life in the best way it makes sense. It just lets you navigate through the most vital decisions of life.

Therefore, being a millennial gives you easier access to online therapy in case you’re someone who is suffering from some kind of issue. Get the help of the best therapist and regain normalcy.