Essential Oils for Depression

Finding your way through depression, regardless of what level you suffer from, can be like swimming through mud. Relying on medications can make it even worse.

More and more people are trying to find more natural methods for dealing with all kinds of health problems, and depression is definitely one of them.

The use of essential oils goes back for centuries for a wide variety of health concerns and it’s no surprise they are still used today.

Even the mildest forms of depression can be burdensome and will benefit from essential oils. Here’s some that will help you cope.

1. Lavender: This essential oil is one of the most widely used for many of its beneficial properties. It can improve your mood, ease and calm your anxiety and help you get the proper night sleep that you need.

2. Chamomile: The oils from this little flowering plant has been used for ages to calm and soothe people and help ease your moods and depression. It will remove feeling of anger, irritation and ease your sadness.

3. Ylang Ylang: Known to help you with your depression, it will also help you get a better night’s sleep, and ease your anxiety. It can also help you if you suffer from high blood pressure.

4. Bergamont: This is another very effective essential oil that will help ease your depression and anxiety. It will promote relaxation, aid in sleeplessness and calm and soothe your stresses of the day.

5. Rose: Another very popular oils for many uses. It is widely used not only for anxiety and depression, but for shock, panic attacks and grief. It will relieve your bad mood and help with happier, more positive thoughts.

6. Patchouli: Embraced by hippies but still going strong. It’s soothing earthy scent helps to combat the feelings of sadness and depression and lift your moods and spirits.

7. Grapefruit Oil: Who doesn’t love the scent of citrus? The fresh and strong scent of grapefruit will revitalize you and give you happy, positive energy. It will lift your blue mood and bring you more joy.

8. Jasmine: Jasmine’s scent is so calming and relaxing, it will make you feel less anxious and sad. It works like a sedative to relax, lift and soothe your stress and bad feelings.

9. Geranium: The leaves and flowers of the geranium plants have a soothing, earthy scent that immediately helps you relax. The essential oils from the geranium plant have the same calming effect. Eases your stress, anxiety and depression.

10. Turmeric: This aromatic little spice is like a wonder. It’s great in food as a spice and it has a great effect on our moods as an essential oil. It comes from the same family as ginger, and it a fabulous little mood booster.

How to use Essential Oils

There are many ways to use your essential oils, and you don’t need to be restricted to using them at home. You can take them with you for an extra boost during your work day, attending social functions or any other time know you will need a boost.

  • Add them to your hand and body lotion. It’s perfect for on the go usage.
  • A few drops in your bath water, or on your shower sponge will help you relax with your calming, warm water.
  • Place a few drops on your bedsheets and pillows. This will allow the scents to get on you and your nightclothes for a peaceful night
  • Put them on a hot or cold compress or cloth, and place on your neck or face while you relax. Can be used in the bath, or even at your desk at work for a little rest and boosy.
  • Massage them in to your pulse points, your neck or massage your feet with them
  • Put them in a diffuser

You can experiment will different methods to discover what will work best for you. Maybe just a few drops on your hanky will be enough to get you through the stressful day.

Find the essential oils you like the best, many people don’t like particular scents. You can also mix and match, add a few drops to one or the other to receive the best results for the ones that work for you. The best place to purchase essential oils is typically online. Essential oils are sourced from all over the globe and buying online makes it easy to get access to the highest quality brands and oils.