RCC Gold Coin makes a leap thanks to gaming enthusiasts

Did anyone advise you to keep away from computer games and cryptocurrencies?

Luckily the guys at Reality Gaming Group didn’t listen and combined both of them with success. They started an ICO to finance their upcoming game, Reality Clash, apparently the first time a game publisher has tried this approach; and now they have opened a shop where players can buy guns with their tokens. The emphasis is on buy, the purchased guns will be ERC-20 tokenized, so the player will actually own them and can trade them freely on the market.

The initial weapons are all limited editions with cool cryptocurrency skins like Bitcoin machine gun or Ether sniper rifle. Once sold out they will never be offered again, potentially making them a good investment with good chances of increasing in value.

According to the publisher, Reality Clash is an augmented reality FPS combat game for iOS and Android devices set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers. Players will be able to connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology, join private teams and enter tournaments.

It is only logical that the Reality Clash Armory store is accompanied by an Android app where you can test your weapons in AR before purchasing them, an iOS app is in the working too and will follow soon.

Screenshot Reality Clash Armory Store

The whole concept sounds like a cool idea, from chasing Pokemons to hunting strangers on the street, the natural evolution of gameplay.

You can watch the teaser below and judge for yourself.