Drug Recovery and Substance Abuse Among Women:The Road to Recovery

Until recently, it was generally believed that alcohol consumption and substance use is more prevalent among men than women and was viewed as a predominantly a male phenomenon. In the last few years as the number of female drug users has begun to rise, the focus has also shifted towards an alarmingly increasing use of drugs among women and the repercussions that may follow as a result. The potential reasons why women turn to substance abuse are primarily comprised of depression, failure of adjustment in new social settings, sexual abuse crimes and general peer pressure. Based on statistics highlighted in reports collected from addiction treatment centers, an increasing trend among female patients seeking help to treat drug addiction of prescription meds and opiates can be seen.

However, this does not hold true for all cases, as a woman who is addicted to drug use and is living in a conservative setting, the decision to overcome an addiction can be very critical. Nevertheless, there are many different solutions available if women abusing drugs have finally understood the fact they have a drug problem and is in dire need of seeking treatment and help. Dan Manson, CEO of Silicon Valley treatment center Elevate Addiction Services, emphasizes that the principal factor for recovering from addiction is to first identify the root cause instead of just getting your physical symptoms treated. There are several ways which can help women from various walks of life overcome issues related to drug abuse. Here are three basic tips which can help address kicking the harmful habit:

Gather your support

While one might think they can go through withdrawal from drugs on their own, the majority of the time it plays our differently. Experts usually suggest going through this phase by relying on strong support from your family members, acquaintances or a well-trained health worker who is available at all times to help you get through the transition. The people who surround the recovering drug addict need to be fully aware of whatever condition she is going through so they can provide better help.

Find a Safe Corner

It becomes very hard to quit abusing drugs if you choose to remain in close proximity to people who are not willing to abandon this addiction. This is where you have to reign in your self-determination. You ought to find a better place where people are not involved in any substance abuse or if you still choose to stay at the same place, then you need to take precautions to avoid interference while you are drying out.

Start Planning

It is natural to feel dull and lonely and not wanting to do anything when one is going through a withdrawal phase. However, you need to devise a schedule and plan your activities on a day to day basis. Having a planned routine will help you cope with it and will make you feel more energetic. This will also divert your attention from drug cravings and mood swings.