Deducing the new-found role of technology in pharmacy – Into the past and future

There’s no doubt about the fact that the pharmacists depend heavily on several technologies to let them complete tasks which are pretty complex. Over a time span of 40 years, information technology or IT has had a vital impact on the lives of millions of people. In fact there are plethoras of industries which have embraced computer technology due to the benefits information processing in an automated manner. Tasks which are repetitive, routine and monotonous can be conducted with continuity and accuracy with automation.

For the pharmacists and prescribers, IT can allow the storage of records of all patients, expedite the process of electronic prescribing, administration and dispending of medicines, make the process of handling medicines automatic in the supply chain and offer tools for monitoring the safety and competence of the medicines that are in use. IT can improve the safety of the patients, allow professionals to offer good quality care and assist them in making the most out of their medicines.

Utilizing the systems in the best possible manner

The pharmacists are always using IT systems to complete their daily duties and while considering the IT requirements for the working practices, they should consider the functions which could be offered by the systems which they use. For instance, all pharmacies utilize pharmacy management system for dispensing, medication records, controlling stock and labeling and ordering. Pharmacists are also expected to utilize the services which are available in the locality like the electronic prescription service release.

Use and adoption of EPS release 2 in peripheries where they’re available has enough potential of making the process of reimbursement and dispending more efficient for the community pharmacists and the process of nomination can let pharmacists secure the prescription business.

The all-encompassing power of the Internet

The internet has been adopted widely for social and business communications. In the near future when internet use will become a universal phenomenon, there might be an increase in the total number of online pharmacies and internet will be used to disseminate and display information on health and medicines from the pharmacies.

Presently, the web-based online platforms are there for the different providers to abide by the public health initiatives. Experts even predict that there will be a sudden rise in the use of these in the form of communication portal to make sure all sorts of information is available to the pharmacists.

Automated dispensing

Thanks to the advancements in the field of technology, robots have been utilized in logistics for many years now but in the field of pharmacy. In the hospitals in the UK, they installed dispensary robots. The robots that were used in pharmacy have reduced the incidence of errors of dispensing and boost the efficiency and speed of the dispensing process and optimise the utilization of space within pharmacies.

Use of robots in community pharmacy is still limited. Robots have the potential of handling big volumes of dispending technology or dispensing ‘hubs’ and to release pharmacists to deliver and develop patient-centred services.

Mobile technology

We can’t deny the widespread use of mobile phones in our society. While there are few pharmacies which are utilizing text alerts to remind patients that their next prescriptions are ready and that they should get their medicines, on the other hand, there are different apps which have been developed for monitoring diseases. Such apps have an increasingly influential impact on practice of pharmacy in the near future.

Therefore, now that you know the range of technologies that are available in the industry of medicine supply, you know which to use. Harness the best technologies in such a manner that lets you support your professional aspirations.